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Commercial real estate, throughout germany for business customers. With commercial real estate, the choice is yours. You can sell commercial property or invest in a lucrative investment property. When it comes to commercial real estate, there are many different ways to invest. If you want to buy or sell commercial real estate, we are here for you.

"Why should you sell your property through us? Sell your property with us on an equal footing!"

We specialize in connecting commercial property owners and buyer groups with the perfect commercial property. Our team of real estate professionals has extensive market knowledge and can meet your needs with good advice.

Our company specializes in the sale of commercial real estate. Our realtor team can manage all aspects of the sales process for you, from finding the right commercial property that suits your needs to actively selling your commercial property.

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Capital investments

At KI - Kreth real estate we make buying and selling commercial real estate easy for you. Our team of experts works closely with buyers and sellers to ensure that they receive the best possible service from us and that we get the best possible market price for their property.

Our company also specializes in the new construction market, sales of condominiums. We help private buyers to find the perfect home for a new apartment or house, while at the same time we work closely with sellers, companies and property developers to achieve the best possible market price for their global property. 

We specialize in real estate sales, no matter which commercial property you are about to sell, we know exactly every property has its own character. Our expert advice applies to every property. Retail properties, hotels, nursing homes, residential buildings, office and logistics properties and building plots are our focus. 

Get to know us and work with us successfully. We are also happy to be inspired by you. For the first contact, you have the option of simply and discreetly using our contact form or sending us an email directly to  

We will contact you shortly and look forward to successful business with you. 

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Capital investments