KI - Kreth Real Estate

KI - Kreth real estate provides you with high - yield investment and investment real estate in germanys top 20 cities. And in Hamburg we provide you with lucrative residential real estate for private customers.

Our KI - Kreth real estate team offers you, as an investor or potential business customer, a multi - facetted range of services in the global objects sector. Our team will advise you in the purchase and sale of investment real estate.

◘ Consulting in the purchase and sale of real estate ◘ Strategic negotiation between buyer and seller party ◘ Calculation of investment property ◘ Market oriented economic data ◘ Leasing of your property ◘ Single distribution of your housing units ◘

KI - Kreth real estate has a broad network and a good market presence.

◘ You as a CUSTOMER benefit from our local market presence and a professional and discreet process of buying and selling YOUR Global Object. Hotel`s, building plots, office or logistics real estate, residential complexes, health properties, retail real estate or an entire portfolio.

Sales and leasing of your investment property

◘ We already work together with more than 500 investors throughout Germany and thus already have the right investor for YOUR property.

Discreetly and professionally, we will advise you.

◘ We provide advisory cooperation between buyer and seller party ◘ Conduct purchase price negotiations ◘ Check market economic figures & calculate the real estate market value of the global object to get the best possible RESULT for YOU ◘

We are YOUR competent contact person!

 Which attractive clientele do we serve?

Our clientele is a diversified pool of investors

◘ Investors who want to expand their real estate portfolio through a purchase as asset deal, share deal, forward deal, club deal or joint venture. Hotel chains looking to expand their own portfolio or locations. Investors who specialize in turnkey construction projects. Investors who want to invest their MONEY in lucrative investment properties & solid investment assets.

Residential Real Estate ◘Office and Logistics Real Estate ◘Retail Real Estate /Super and Specialty Markets ◘Hotels / Bordinghouses ◘Health Real Estate ◘  Building Plots & Projects 

◘ Funds that invest in sustainable and lucrative investment properties / existing real estate. Project developers and developers who want to invest in lucrative land to create new living worlds. Pension funds, banks, asset managers, insurance companies, AG `s, existing companies and property managers.

We convey you all asset classes.

◘ Global objects. Residential complexes - and commercial. Living, student living or a boarding house. Social housing, portfolios, new construction projects. Turnkey projects as a forward deal, portfolio real estate, portfolios, value added real estate, residential and commercial buildings or housing complexes with social development agencies. > Exclusion < no part ownership.

In the sector commercial real estate.

◘ Retail. In retail - shopping malls, super and specialty markets. Mixed use objects, multi tenant office and logistics real estate. Hotels with - or without an operator and projected building plots.

◘ In healthcare we specialize in these areas: clinics. Nursing homes & Assisted Living and Medical Centers.

◘ Value added real estate to achieve a significant increase in value. Revitalization or redevelopment objects that are suitable for transformation to create new living worlds. For optimizing existing properties and extensions for installation or expansion. Old stocks that can be revitalized or converted for housing.

◘ core and core plus real estate. New - and high quality existing real estate in top locations. Building plots - with or without a building permit. Building plots for developing, for new construction worlds of housing developments, office and logistics real estate, nursing homes, retail real estate, hotels - or turnkey objects with strong returns.

◘ Taking into account the Capex measures, special and historic property, high - vacancy offices, demolition buildings, schools and barracks may also be considered, provided they can be converted into housing.

◘ At the same time, we are constantly searching for new, profitable - and high-yielding INVESTMENT PROPERTIES as investments for our INVENTORY CUSTOMERS.

Which properties do you currently want to buy or sell? 

◘ You have properties in the stock that you currently rent or sell?

◘ We are happy to convey your property discreetly & professionally to one of our CUSTOMERS.

We arrange your investment real estate in the top 20 cities in germany.

◘ Residential complexes ◘ Office and logistics real estate ◘ Retail, super and specialist markets ◘ Health properties / Care and assisted living ◘ Hotels ◘ Building plots & projects ◘

In addition, we take over for YOU in the hamburg area.

◘ Your leases to potential and creditworthy prospective tenants for living spaces and commercial real estate ◘ And we are happy to take care of the brokerage of YOUR condominiums ◘

 And what can we do for you?

Please contact us, we are YOUR competent partner.

Your KI - Kreth real estate team

 KI - Kreth real estate gives you high-return investment real estate