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In Hamburg they say: Moin moin ....

An investment for your future. Why should you invest in Hamburg? The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, with just under 1.9 million inhabitants divided into 7 districts and 105 districts, it is a successful metropolitan city. A city that is continuously developing with its container port, new building worlds and new neighborhoods .....

" Hamburg the gateway to the world"

Hamburg is located on the Elbe, Alster and Bille, so the Hanseatic city has 2496 bridges, Europe has Hamburg even more bridges than Amsterdam or Venice.

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Hamburg's airport was reopened in 1911. Nevertheless, he is one of the 5 largest airports in Germany. The airport now has 3 terminals and was renamed in 2016, since then it's called: Airport Helmut Schmidt.

Hamburg's container port has 4 terminals and a lot of multi-purpose terminals. More than 70% of all container freights are transported around the world via Hamburg, the largest port in Germany and the third largest port in Europe. That's more than 12 million containers that are shipped here annually.

In Hamburg they say: Bye ....


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Grasbrook on the south side of the Elbe is to be built from 3 quarters, Moldauhafen and Freihafenquartier, right next to Hafencity a new district will emerge from the old hall area.

Hafencity Hamburg. The building application was made for the shopping temple. Soon the time has come and Hamburg will receive a new shopping center on a total area of 80,500 m² in Überseequartier. 200 shops are planned down in the towers over 3 floors, the towers are built on 60m to 70m height with lots of glass. The entire temple...

In Hamburg they say: 

flood is only when the fish swim at eye level.

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