Career with us

 Our job market

A new career perspective for you ....

◘ Are you looking for a new professional challenge?

◘ Ideally you come from the real estate sector, sales or distribution?

◘ The real estate market has always fascinated you?

◘ You want to develop your career, change and get to know something new?

What can we offer you?

◘ As a real estate broker and investment advisor, we offer you a multifaceted job.

◘ New customer acquisition, object acquisition, support of existing customers, meetings, visits, sales negotiations, strategic market analysis and telephone calls.

◘ Sales training, various training courses and a certain amount of know-how.

◘ Even as a newcomer you have a real chance to become a qualified real estate professional.

What exactly does KI stand for - Kreth real estate?

◘ capital investments, investment and residential real estate.

◘ Business customers / companies and private customers.

Substant Real estate as investment and residential real estate.

What - and where is our field of activity?

◘ Residential real estate for private customers in the entire Hamburg area.

◘ Investment and investment real estate in Germany in the top 20 cities.

Which real estate has KI - Kreth real estate specialized in?

◘ Private property = condos, houses and building plots.

◘ Investment Real Estate = MFH, residential complexes, office and logistics real estate, retail, supermarkets and specialty stores, hotels and bordinghouses, care homes & assisted living and building plots of all kinds.

Vacancy for Real Estate Agent 

Which professional groups are we looking for?

◘ w / m / d

◘ Real estate merchants, estate agents, investment advisors, sellers, distributors or career changers.

◘ The age group does not matter to us.

What should you as a person bring to our company?

◘ A serious appearance.

◘ An open-minded and confident manner.

◘ An eloquent conversation.

◘ A stylish spelling for correspondence.

◘ Punctuality, reliability, disciplined doing your job, a friendly - and an authentic but also natural expression we expect from you.

◘ Willingness to learn, being open-minded in new learning processes, organizing concentrated processes, applying creative diversity in conversational processes. Independent thinking. Teamwork.

◘ Ideally, an ambitious sales talent slumbers in you.

How can we introduce cooperation with you?

◘ In cooperation, as a contractual business partner.

◘ compensation, a highly reimbursed agency commission of 40%.

◘ You are self-employed and have a real estate agent license according to §34.

◘ You will receive various training courses and a desk module in our company.

We have aroused your interest in cooperation?

◘ Then we look forward to your meaningful application.

◘ Application, CV with a photograph, work and school certificates, possibly internships.

◘ Only fully submitted applications will be considered as a PDF file.

◘ Send your meaningful application to: 

◘ Email subject line: Z.H. Mrs. Kreth - Realtor.

Vacancy: trainee as a real estate agent / businessman m/w/d 

◘ At the moment, we have not advertised vacancies for this purpose. You are welcome to visit us again in between.

* Vacancy internships

◘ We offer you three types of internships with us.

* School internships, here you have the opportunity to spend a few days with us purely to make you a picture of the profession as a real estate agent.

◘ You will be given first impressions, get tasks that you can work out, look behind the scenes with us and design your own first Expose.

◘ * Internships for the 10th grade.

◘ Internships dual. Internship and school combined.

◘ Duraction of interships 6 month

You will get a guest desk for your internship. Learn different work processes of a real estate agent, learn the first market impressions of real estate and get your own internship assigned task that you can work independently and topic-specific for a report entry.

* ◘ Internships in dual study / students internships.

◘ There are currently no significant job advertisements for this.

We look forward to receiving a meaningful application from you

◘ Please send us your application via email.

◘ You should definitely include a date proposal when you want to be an intern with us.

◘ Only complete applications as a PDF file can be considered.

◘ Your application should contain the following content: application (time slot), CV with a photograph, certificates possibly a proof of your already completed internship.

◘ You send your application: 

◘ Subject line Internships z.H. Mrs. Kreth.

◘ We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We look forward to your meaningful application!