Purchase profile


Residential complexes

Residential and commercial buildings

Top 15 cities in Germany, from 20 WE -?

maximum 30% trade share

ab 3 Mio. - 500 Mio.-€

Residential complexes and portfolios

Top 15 cities in Germany

from 20 WE -? WE, the more, the better

ab 3 Mio. - 500 Mio.-€

Monument protection real estate, vacancy

Housing and renovation objects.

Top 15 in Germany from 20 WE up, from 20 WE up Heritage protection Vacancy Real Estate Residential to renovate from € 1 million uro.

ab 3 Mio. - 500 Mio.-€

Office and logistics real estate

Office and logistics real estate

Top 20 cities in Germany, abroad Large cities = A + B locations, airport, city center, motorway connections from 5.000m² upwards, long leases, yields from 6% upwards

ab 10 Mio.-€

Office and logistics parks - Large areas

from 50,000 m²

ab 10 Mio.-€

vacancy objects to revitalize

and to expand through new buildings

from 10,000 m²

ab 10 Mio.-€

 Hotels with or without an operator

Hotels - operator free low budget

3 stars, good locations, city locations from 80, 100 or more beds, room Germany, top 20 cities

ab 5 Mio.-€

Hotels operators free 3, 4 and 5 stars

City locations, airport, congress hotels

from 100 rooms upwards, Top 15 in Germany

and international cities and coastal cities

ab 10 Mio.-€

Hotels with operator contracts

Well-known hotel chains, from 100 rooms, city locations,

Operator contracts at least 10 years, better 15 years / returns from 6% or hotel portfolios

Locations: City locations in Germany Top 15 cities, cities known abroad. City locations, airports, congress hotels, award awards or hotels with gyms.

ab 10 Mio.-€

 Retail. Supermarkets, specialty stores and shopping centers


Top locations in Germany, city locations, airport

A and B positions, from 6% yield

Cities from 50,000 inhabitants

ab 1 Mio.-€


Top locations in Germany, city locations, A + B were

known tenants, cities from 50,000 inhabitants

from 6% yield, as long as possible leases

ab 10 Mio.-€

Shoppingcenter and shopping miles

Top locations, well-known centers, throughout Germany,

little vacancy, from 5% upwards

ab 10 Mio.-€

 Building plots

Building plots with a building permit

Top cities in Germany, from 5,000 m² upwards

Property size or gross area for:

Housing, office and logistics, hotels, healthcare real estate and retail.

ab 1 Mio.-€

Building plots with a B plan to develop - project developments

Top cities in Germany, from 5,000 m² / gross floor area

also large areas for office and logistics,

large residential complexes, hotels, shopping malls,

Mixed objects.

ab 1 Mio.-€

Building land with monument protection or old stock to revitalize / convert

Top cities in Germany, from 5,000 BGF

Housing, Office - and Logistics, Retail, Hotels,

Healthcare properties.

ab 1 Mio.-€

Health properties 

New buildings, clinics, medical centers, care

rented, starting yields from 5%, good locations

throughout Germany

ab 10 Mio.-€

Existing real estate = medical centers, clinics, care real estate and assisted living

Long operator contracts, good locations in Germany, returns from 6% upwards.

ab 8 Mio.-€

Existing properties for revitalization, vacancy or convertible / expandable

Good locations, from 5,000 m² upwards.

ab 5 Mio.-€

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