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Real estate broker and investment consultant for job starters.

 I'm not a hobby salesman!



Startupper! Real estate agent and investment advisor for young professionals. 

I am not a hobby broker! 

Is a three-part book series, this consists of the book, workbook and lexicon for start-ups / young professionals who have set a new professional goal to work successfully and professionally as real estate brokers or investment advisors in the future.

◘ Print Book ISBN 13:9783750411302 (male Version) Purchase price 29,90.- €uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750446236 Purchase price 17,99.- €uro (m)

◘ Print Book ISBN 13:9783750403437 (female Version)  Purchase price 29,90.-€uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750464247  Purchase price 17,99.- €uro (f)


Live YOUR new, attractive vision! With this specific series of books as a startupper / company founder you have the opportunity to achieve your new professional goal measurably and realistically. 

You will receive a homework part that you should work on independently to get a little closer to your new, attractive professional goal. 

As an accompanying booklet for the book series, we offer you this specific workbook. This is for YOU to be able to professionally design your broker portfolio with YOUR new work material, YOUR form forms that you need to be able to work professionally with YOUR customers. 

◘ Print Workbook ISBN 13:9783750404205 (male Version) purchase price 27,90.- €uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750446281 Workbookpurchase price 20,99.- €uro (m)

◘ Print Workbook ISBN 13:9783750413054 (female Version)  purchase price 27,90.-€uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750446304 Workbook purchase price 20,99.- €uro (f)


The third book from this book series is the Immobilien Lexikon, where all technical terms are explained to you so that you can express yourself professionally, understand the matter and generate positive synergies. 

◘ Print Lexicon ISBN 13:9783750415133 (male Version) purchase price 22,90.- €uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750464292 Lexicon purchase price 16,99.- €uro (m)

◘ Print Lexicon ISBN 13:9783750415164 (female Version) purchase price 22,90.- €uro

◘ E-Book ISBN 13:9783750464308 Lexicon purchase price 16,99.- €uro (f)

Live YOUR new, attractive vision to realistically reach YOUR new career goal! 

Did you ask yourself why you want to change your career?

◘ Do you want to achieve a quality of life for yourself?

◘ Do you want to earn a more attractive income?

◘ Or do you want to become your own BOSS?

◘ The new goal of becoming a successful real estate agent can only be influenced by YOU!


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Real estate agent and investment advisor for career starters.

I'm not a hobby salesman!