Our Clientel

What are our strengths? A good cooperation!

◘ Our clientele is a diversified investor pool:

◘ Project developers and architects: Land - development land and projected land. Plots with a preliminary notice or building plots with a building permit. Germany-wide, land for residential real estate. Trade = logistics, hotel, office, retail and health property = medical centers, clinics, nursing homes - and assisted living.

◘ For pension funds and funds we are looking for residential, commercial and hotel properties in Germany as existing real estate.

◘ For banks = good yield objects. Residential complexes, student housing, offices, hotels with long operator contracts. Germany-wide and internationally in good city locations.

◘ Project development companies = office and logistics parks from 50,000 m².

◘ existing companies = AG'S who want to expand their own real estate portfolio.

◘ Existing companies & funds specializing in the retail and high street real estate sector. Shopping miles, specialty stores, supermarkets, new construction projects, shopping miles in Germany and internationally.

◘ Funds: open and closed funds, retail, hotels, medical centers, offices and residential real estate.

◘ Affiliated companies: Germany-wide existing real estate with good returns from 6%.

◘ Insurance companies: Stock properties. Residential, office and logistics real estate.

◘ Nursing real estate: purchase of care real estate - and assisted living. Turnkey construction projects, projected land and existing properties. Throughout Germany.

◘ Foundations: residential complexes, offices and hotels.

◘ existing companies and AG`s. Project developers. Portfolios for: Residential, office and logistics real estate, student housing, micro apartments, hotels, retail and boarding houses throughout Germany.

◘ Operating companies for a boarding house, care homes and hotels.

◘ Hotel chains: Operator-free 3,4 and 5 star hotels in good city locations from 100 rooms.

◘ Hotel purchase: funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies and existing companies. Hotels with operators. Maturities min. 10 - 15 annual contracts. Yields from 6% in Germany & internationally.

◘ Monument protection real estate: Germany-wide for residential real estate.

Stock companies. Project developments = renovation objects.

KI - Kreth real estate gives you lucrative investment real estate!