Rental or distribution of your property

Rental and distribution of your property:

You are the owner / owner of a property? ◘ Residential ◘ Office or Logic Real Estate ◘ Retail Real Estate ◘ Care or Assisted Living or a Hotel?

Or a property developer and plan a new construction project? Which one do you want to sell as ◘ Global object ab Sell or rent out individual condos?

Then we are YOUR competent partner, we offer you a reliable service. Simply choose your favorites between the individual service points:

◘ First service

You own a property and are looking for a reputable and reliable tenant? We are happy to take over these activities for you. We check the tenant's creditworthiness in advance and arrange a tenant with whom you will be satisfied.

◘ Second service

You are a business customer and would like to successfully rent your residential or commercial property? We are happy to assist you. We determine for you the current rent index and the credit rating of the tenant, so that you will be satisfied with our result.

◘ Third Service

You are a company, property developer or .... and would like to successfully sell your new construction project to the best possible market situation? Or you want to sell your housing estate into individual ETWs? You have a commercial property that you want to rent at the currently adjusted rent levels or - or sell the best possible market price? We are happy to assist you with these services and take care of the brokerage of your property.

Our service points broken down for you: For residential and commercial real estate.


◘ First service

Renting your property

individual residential units / residential complex.

◘ Second service

Renting your property,

Business customers with

Commercial real estate.

◘ Third Service

Sale of your property,

 New construction projects, residential or commercial real estate.


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We successfully mediate your property!