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◘ Residential real estate ◘ Office and logistic real rstate ◘ Retail real rstate / supermarket and specialized stores ◘ Hotels / boardinghouses ◘ Health real estate ◘ Building plots & Projects ◘ 

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KI - Kreth real estate provides you with lucrative investment properties throughout in germany. Our team will be happy to advise you on the purchase and sale of investment real estate. Perhaps you have already negotiated with us, maybe you have contacted us via LinkedIn or we have met at Expo real and talked to each other. We now look after over 500 investors across Germany.

Our clientele is a broad pool of investors.

◘ Funds ◘ Insurance ◘ Pension funds ◘ Property developers ◘ Family Office ◘ AG's ◘ Banks ◘ Companies that want to expand their own portfolio ◘ Hotel chains ◘ Asset managers ◘ and much more
We will find the optimal investment for YOU, individually tailored to YOUR purchase criteria!

◘ Asset Deal ◘ Share Deal ◘ Forward Deal ◘ Joint Venture ◘ Club Deal ◘

We provide you with real estate worth:

◘ € 1 million to € 500 million 

We offer you a multifaceted service

◘ Advice on the purchase and sale of real estate ◘ Strategic negotiation between buyer and seller party ◘ Calculation of the investment property Wirtschafts Market-oriented economic figures

◘ Rental of your property ◘ Individual sales of your residential units ◘ And what can we do for you?
We are happy to mediate YOUR REAL ESTATE professionally and discreetly to one of our EXISTING CUSTOMERS.

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We provide you with attractive investment properties