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We at KI - Kreth real estate not only treat YOUR property uniquely, but also you as a customer. Behind a property with a strong character there is always a strong seller with a great vision.

Our team loves new challenges and is therefore also specialized in connecting real estate owners and specific buyer groups with the perfect commercial property. Our team of real estate consultants has extensive knowledge of the market. With our team spirit and a dynamic, multi-faceted THINKING, we can successfully assist you in the sale of your property and fully meet your needs and at the same time assure you of professional advice for YOUR investment.

It doesn't matter whether you decide to buy or sell a property / a building plot TODAY, we are happy to take the time for your concerns and are there for you.

Our team of real estate consultants can manage all aspects of the buying and selling process in the capital and investment real estate sector for you, from finding the right commercial property for you according to your ideas, to the active SALES PROCESS of your own commercial property or your building plot.

Secure a piece of the future with us at YOUR side! Financially or with a new investment. Decide for yourself where YOUR exciting and new journey should take YOU, we will be happy to accompany you during this time and will be at your side professionally and trustingly.

Individual and competent advice from us for YOU will pay off! 

"Why should you sell your property through us? Sell your property with us on an equal footing!"

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We from the KI - Kreth real estate team always try to advise you extensively, satisfactorily and professionally according to our best expertise. We are only satisfied when we have achieved the BEST RESULT for you. 

"What are our strengths? A good and competent cooperation!"

We look after various groups of investors across germany with a wide range of commercial real estate needs. Our focus includes the service of brokering commercial real estate and building plots in the metropolis of hamburg and throughout germany in the top 20 cities.

Our KI - Kreth real estate team has focused on the commercial real estate sector. We provide you with all asset classes. No matter whether you have decided to buy or sell a property, we are there for you and always advise you professionally in the sector of buying and selling real estate according to our best expertise.

We have been at your side in an advisory capacity since 2015. Your real estate portfolio, your project, your existing property, your building plot or your new construction project - simply put, your new vision is in good hands with us.

The real estate market has changed a lot in recent years, we are no longer just talking about an investment property. We talk specifically about an investment with a future, about a sustainable option and a pension plan with potential. The real estate market has developed just as fast as a smartphone.

Co-living - bordinghouses - or living and working in one place, even on the same property, has already been made possible today. Today we are no longer just talking about real estate.... 

Lucrative yield properties with enormous development potential are all the rage.

Groups of buyers invest in a piece of security with know-how, with service and good facilities. The modern tenant likes to use co-living, furnished apartments or the young audience also likes to use the new concept of living and working on one site.

Nowadays you can invest in real estate funds from as little as 150 €uros. Anyone who invests in real estate is investing in a piece of the future with certainty. Due to the corona pandemic, the market has also changed significantly in terms of price. Real estate prices have risen sharply by around 30 - 40%.

The german commercial real estate market is an important economic factor. For several years already number 1 market leader in real estate development. Foreign investors who are already investing heavily here have already discovered this for themselves.

We have specialized in real estate brokerage of commercial real estate. If you are about to sell your property, we would be happy to provide you with expert advice. Our focus is on retail properties, hotels, nursing homes, residential properties, office and logistics properties and building plots of all kinds.

Let us advise you extensively on the purchase and sale of commercial real estate and sell your commercial real estate with us on an equal footing."

Get to know us and work successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you and your ideas. For the initial contact, you have the option of using our contact form or sending us an email to 

And for a personal conversation you can also reach us at: ☎ +49 (0) 40/ 572 582 50. 

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