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KI - Kreth real estate - Our company, who are we? We are a hamburg company with a dynamic team and have been working successfully for over 6 years in the field of commercial real estate for business customers and residential real estate for private customers. We serve all types of entrepreneurial groups, companies and funds with a wide range of commercial real estate needs. Our service includes real estate brokerage for commercial and residential properties.

The commercial real estate market is an important factor for economic development. The demand for commercial real estate in germany has changed significantly in the last few months. Have you already got a good overview of it yourself? 

Get to know us and work together successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you. As a company, we are continuously looking for good employees for our team. Are you looking for an attractive job with new challenges as a real estate agent or real estate agent? We look forward to meeting you. Tell us about your positive characteristics and complete our dynamic team with your uniqueness. 

 Our job market

KI - Kreth real estate

Investment property. Commercial real estate can be lucrative investment real estate for various buyer groups. This can be office and logistics real estate, a hotel, retail, residential real estate or care and assisted living. As a brokerage company for commercial and residential real estate, we work together with exciting and sustainable real estate. Selling all types of commercial property and land, either through direct sales from real estate companies or by connecting customers with prospective sellers and buyers groups, is an exciting workflow. 

"Every property has its own character and we have the necessary ideas to convey this in line with the market." 

Job description 

The activity of a real estate agent is multifaceted. One of the working groups is communication, which comes first. Are you an open-minded type of person? Then this is your door opener. It is important to have a good expression in digital, silent form, as well as convincing and calm on the phone. 

You look after existing customers who have been working with us for many years and new customers. Corporate customers, private customers and individual seller groups. 

In the commercial real estate sector, we work with customer groups and companies across Germany. It may well be that you look after properties that are located in other federal states. Ideally, you are mobile and have your own car to be able to carry out visits, meetings and negotiations on site. 

In the area of ​​residential real estate, we work exclusively with Hamburg real estate and peripheral areas, condominiums, houses and building plots from private customers.

Area of ​​responsibility 

Structured work processes for which you have to develop a good organizational sensitivity, accuracy is very important to us. We work with NDAs and LOIs and trustworthy documents. 

You look after corporate customers, work in acquisition, take part in meetings and carry out inspections on your own responsibility and, finally, you lead the real estate brokerage safely into the port through final sales negotiations with the potential buyers and the seller of the property until the property is notarized. 

Earning opportunities 

We work exclusively with commercial and residential properties in the upscale segment. You work with us as an independent cooperation partner on the basis of a success fee in the higher earnings area. 


Have we piqued your interest? Then we look forward to your detailed application as a PDF file. Cover letter, curriculum vitae, photo, certificates and possibly proof of internship. 

Real estate agents as a career changer

Job posting

Real estate agent m / f / d as a career changer

Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, we currently do not have enough capacity to train and train career changers as real estate agents. We hope that in 2022 we will be able to give you this career opportunity again and offer you suitable job advertisements.

Until then, we give you the opportunity to get a taste of the job as a real estate agent in advance to see whether it meets your expectations. With this three-part and specific book series you have the opportunity to learn a basic knowledge. You can find the trailer on YouTube Kreth Silke - Startupper.

You can get more information about this book series on our homepage under the tab Our book tips. 

Trainee as a real estate agent  m/w /d 


* Due to the corona pandemic, we are currently not advertising any open training positions. You are welcome to visit us again in between if the situation has changed in the meantime.

 * Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, internships are no longer advertised for the time being. We offer you three different types of internship types with us:

* School internships 

Here you have the opportunity to sniff with us for a few days to get an idea of ​​the job as a real estate agent. You will be given first impressions, given tasks that you can work on, take a look behind the scenes with us and design your first own expose. 

* Dual internships for the 10th grade

Internships dual. Internship and school combined. Duration of the internship 6 months. We will provide you with a guest desk for your internship. You will get to know different work processes of a real estate agent, learn your first market impressions of the real estate market and will be assigned your own internship task that you can work out independently and topic-specifically for your report creation.

* Internships in dual studies / student internships. There are currently no significant job advertisements for this.

Internship application 

You only send us your application as a PDF file as an email. 

It should definitely contain a suggested date for when you would like to start an internship with us. 

We can only consider complete applications as PDF files. 

Your application should contain the following content: 

Application (please specify the time frame), including your CV a photo, certificates, possibly proof of an internship that you have already completed. 

Please send your application to:  Betr. Internships Mrs. Kreth. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is - Henry Ford 

We look forward to your meaningful application