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Welcome to KI - Kreth real estate 

Commercial real estate for business customers. Have you decided to sell your property today and have you chosen us as your business partner? We thank you for your good knowledge of human nature and your sense of wanting to work with us. With our dynamic and strategic thinking, we will find the perfect solution for you to market your real estate property to one of our existing customers discreetly and without publishing your property. We only work offline and trustingly with our clientele.

Our team of advisors, who will be there to help you with the sale of your property, will successfully support you throughout the entire sales process, so that the process is kept as smooth and easy as possible for you.

We at KI - Kreth real estate not only treat YOUR property uniquely, but also you as a customer. Behind a property with a strong character there is always a strong seller with a great vision. 

Let us advise you extensively in the sector of buying and selling real estate and sell your property with us on an equal footing." Thank you for your trust.

 ☎ + 49 ( 0 ) 040 572 582 50

Commercial real estate 

We specialize in connecting commercial property owners and groups of buyers with the perfect commercial property. Our team of real estate professionals has extensive knowledge of the market and can fully meet your needs with professional advice.

Our service is multifaceted for you: 

Market analysis and market-oriented economic figures from your property. 

Discrete project presentation of your property to our clientele, Expose. 

Trustworthy cooperation with you and our buyer group, NDA. 

Dynamic thinking in the sales process, team spirit. 

Reliability in the procedure through a secured LOI.

We at KI - Kreth real estate specialize in all asset classes. Each property has its own character and through dynamic thinking we bring the necessary ideas to market them in a market-oriented and discreet manner. At the same time, we steer a successful sales process with YOU

Sell ​​YOUR property successfully with our advisory support and use our contact form to get in touch. Get to know us and work successfully with us.

 We are also happy to be inspired by you and your ideas. For the initial contact, you have the option of using our contact form or sending us an email to

And for a personal conversation you can also reach us at: ☎ +49 (0)40/ 572 582 50.

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