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What makes us so SPECIAL? A good cooperation! 

If you are looking for a good business partner or would like to introduce us to a lucrative business, we are here for you. We specialize in connecting commercial properties. Our team of real estate consultants has extensive market knowledge, combined with dynamic thinking and complemented by our local market presence, we are the ideal business partner at your side. 

The real estate market is an important factor for economic development. The demand for residential and commercial real estate in Germany is still a safe haven. Investor focus has currently had a major impact on the commercial property market. In the real estate sector, residential real estate, retail and logistics real estate in particular have made great advances.

If you want to sell commercial real estate, we specialize in connecting commercial real estate owners and buyer groups.

If you are a property developer and are looking for serious customers for your new building project, we already have the right buyer at hand.

If you would like to introduce us to another attractive business model, we will be open to you and will be happy to be inspired by your ideas.

It is difficult to find a trustworthy business partner. We offer you the opportunity to work with us. Which simplifies the serious process of real estate brokerage for you. Get to know us and work together successfully with us. For the first contact, you have the option of contacting us via email Investment@Kreth-Immobilien.de

We will contact you shortly and look forward to doing successful business with you.

Your KI - Kreth real estate team


Capital investments