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We are a hamburg company that has established itself on the real estate market for over 6 years. We specialize in the commercial and residential property sector. That's why we're always looking for new ways to make the process of selling - or buying - a property as easy as possible for you.

If you work with us, we will use our dynamic thinking to find the perfect solution for you to seriously market YOUR property to one of our customers. Our team, who will help you with the sale of your property, will successfully support you in ensuring that the entire sales process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

"Let us advise you extensively on the sale of commercial real estate and sell your commercial real estate with us on an equal footing." 

First and foremost, we focus on the commercial market. Commercial real estate is our focus, existing properties, new building worlds, and planning.

* For details, please refer to the selling commercial property tab.

Get to know us and work together successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you. For the first contact, you have the option of simply and discreetly using our contact form or sending us an email directly to Investment@Kreth-Immobilien.de 

We will contact you shortly and look forward to doing successful business with you.

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Capital investments