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"Let us advise you extensively in the real estate sales sector and sell your property with us on an equal footing." We specialize in connecting property owners and buyer groups with the right properties. Our team of real estate consultants has extensive market knowledge and can meet your needs in a professional manner. 

The german real estate market is an important factor for economic development. The demand for residential and commercial properties is constantly changing. The focus of private customers and investors has changed significantly in the course of the corona pandemic, which is why it is important to have a trained team of real estate consultants by your side. Consultants who successfully support you to present your property in line with the market.

For more than 6 years we have specialized in the field of commercial real estate on various buyer groups and also deal with the residential real estate market in Hamburg. Our expertise, we look after all types of companies, existing companies, funds, family offices, project developers with a wide range of commercial real estate needs.

Our service as a real estate broker includes specialist knowledge of commercial and residential real estate. Let us advise you extensively, we have observed the real estate market in detail, especially during the entire corona pandemic, and know exactly which properties we can call a safe haven and which commercial properties are currently in a state of faltering.

"What are our strengths? A good cooperation!"

We specialize in real estate sales, no matter which commercial property you are about to sell, we know exactly every property has its own character. Our expert advice applies to every property. Retail properties, hotels, nursing homes, residential buildings, office and logistics properties and building plots are our focus.

"Let us advise you extensively in the buying and selling of commercial real estate sector and sell your commercial real estate with us on an equal footing."

 Get to know us and work together successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you. For the first contact, you have the option of simply and discreetly using our contact form or sending us an email directly to Investment@Kreth-Immobilien.de

We will contact you shortly and look forward to doing successful business with you. 

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Capital investments