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Would you like to buy a lucrative investment property through us? 

Are you looking for an attractive investment property and want to expand YOUR portfolio? Or are you planning a new construction project? you are the owner or owner (company) of a lucrative plot.

Which investment property is suitable for YOUR purchase?

◘ Residential building plots according to §34 and commercial living / boarding houses ◘ Hotel building plots ◘ Commercial building plots ◘ Office and logistics building plots ◘ Commercial living / boarding house ◘ Retail / shopping center Assisted living and maintenance Real estate building plots? ◘ existing properties?

What criteria should YOUR investment have?

◘ factor? ◘ location? ◘ Real estate type? ◘ budget?

Please do not hesitate to send us YOUR purchase criteria, by phone or by email.

Which locations are of interest to you for a building plot?

◘ Hamburg area? ◘ to develop or with a building permit? ◘ Building plots in the top 20 cities in Germany? ◘ Or are B and C layers also suitable for you?

How big should your building plot be?

◘ What project are you planning? Classic living after 34? ◘ Or commercial living?

◘ Office or logistics space / or a new hotel?

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