We are looking for your investment real estate



We are looking for your investment property!

Ideally you are the owner or owner (company) of a lucrative investment property ....

Which investment properties are we looking for for our investors?

◘ Residential complexes ◘ MFH ◘ Portfolios ◘ Residential and commercial buildings ◘ Office and logistics real estate ◘ Hotels ◘ Care Real estate ◘ Retail real estate / Super and specialist markets and shopping centers ◘ Refurbishment objects and objects that can be converted into residential complexes ◘

Which criteria should an investment property fulfill?

◘ Sustainable ◘ No - or with a cleanup ◘ Fully leased - or vacant ◘ Good location ◘ Value added ◘ Core / core plus ◘ Economically viable / Return / Factor ◘

Which layers and purchase prices are optimal for an investment property?

◘ Hamburg and in the top 20 cities in Germany ◘ Central locations ◘ Purchase prices from € 500,000 to € 50 million uro ◘ Portfolios are also welcome ◘

Offer us your real estate objects!

Your KI - Kreth real estate team

Contact mail: Investment@Kreth-Immobilien.de 

I check every offer,

it could be the offer of my life.

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We are looking for your investment property