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Welcome to KI - Kreth real estate. Residential properties for private customers in and around Hamburg.

With a residential property in Hamburg and the surrounding area, you have the choice. You can sell your existing home or buy a new home. When it comes to residential real estate, there are various options, you have probably decided to sell your condominium or house in and around Hamburg, but you may also have decided to sell your building plot.

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If you want to buy or sell a residential property, we are here for you. We specialize in connecting property owners and serious buyer groups with the perfect residential property.

Our team of real estate professionals has extensive market knowledge and can meet your needs with good advice. We achieve the best possible sales price for your property through a professional market analysis. Benefit from our local market presence with your property.

We at KI - Kreth Immobilien specialize in the sale of residential properties. Our realtor team can manage all aspects of the sales process for you, from finding the right residential property that suits your needs to actively selling your existing residential property that you are currently looking to sell. We accompany you throughout the entire process until we finally go to the notary together and certify.

"Why should you sell your property through us? Sell your property with us on an equal footing!"

For property development companies, we take on the sale of condominiums and houses / EFH and RH. Create a meaningful expose, take over viewings, credit checks and accompany the customer to the notary.

We are at your side from the start and should you decide to sell a new construction project as a global property, e.g. sell a commercial property, we already have the right investor at hand.

Get to know us. For the first contact, you have the option of simply and discreetly using our contact form or sending us an email directly to 

We will contact you shortly and look forward to successful business with you. 

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