Residential properties

Welcome to KI - Kreth real estate. 

Residential real estate for private customers in hamburg. We from the KI - Kreth real estate team are specialized in the sale of residential real estate. Our team can manage all aspects of the sales process for you. Have you decided to sell your private property? Your condominium or your house in Hamburg - then we are your contact. And various residential building plots are exciting for us from a size of approx. 1,000m2 upwards.

For years we have been continuously observing the real estate market, following new living trends and seeing how customers' purchasing power behavior is changing when it comes to real estate. Approach us with the first step and get to know us, we will then successfully take the other steps together with you.

Regardless of whether you have decided to sell your property today. We from the KI - Kreth real estate team not only treat YOUR property uniquely, but also you as a customer. Behind a property with a strong character there is always a strong seller with a great vision. 

"Why should you sell your property through us? Sell your property with us on an equal footing!"

We are happy to take over the sale of condominiums and houses / EFH and RH for property development companies. Create a meaningful expose, take on viewing appointments, credit checks and finally accompany the customer to the notary. 

We are at your side from the start and should you decide to sell a new construction project as a global property, we already have the right investor at hand.

Sell ​​YOUR property successfully with our advisory support and use our contact form to get in touch. Get to know us and work successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you and your ideas. For the initial contact, you have the option of using our contact form or sending us an email to 

And for a personal conversation you can also reach us at: ☎ +49 (0) 40/ 572 582 50. 

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