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Since 2015, our customers have entrusted us with their investments. They are investor groups who are transforming and shaping the real estate market. These are customers who create new perspectives and buyer groups with sustainable plans to restructure, redesign, or equip investment properties with the necessary know-how. They are the ones who change our cityscape.

Bold investors are willing to invest money to develop projects with a clear market focus. Our customers, like you and me, are working to make a difference and create something new with their ideas. Together, we collaborate with them for days and weeks, exchanging ideas, planning, and thinking strategically to bring about a new real estate marvel.

Our customers are unique and special because they invest in a future-proof capital investment. They put their capital into concrete to achieve long-term returns. They think ahead and act sustainably. Our customer groups are true doers with heart and mind, ready to make an impact.

To ensure that you receive the best possible service from us, we work closely and trustingly with buyer and seller groups. At KI - Kreth real estate, we not only treat your property uniquely but also you as our customers. Because behind a characterful property, there is always a strong seller with a great vision.

We place great importance on discretion and work with confidential documents, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). For this reason, we only cooperate with a pre-screened and targeted buyer group. This group consists of financially strong investment groups with a secured Letter of Intent (LOI). Only in this way can we achieve a satisfactory added value and market value for you and your property.

Place your trust in us and work with us successfully. We love strategic challenges and make every effort to achieve your goals.

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At KI - Kreth real estate, we specialize extensively in the commercial real estate sector. Each property has its own unique character, and we have the necessary ideas and strategies to effectively market it to our financially strong buyer groups. We maintain trusted relationships with various buyer groups nationwide who highly value receiving professional advice from us.

Corporate clients / Business clients

Only first-class consultancy ultimately leads to profitable SUCCESS. Your time is as valuable to us as ours, because time is money. Long-term investments require a clear perspective, especially in today's economic climate. Trust us and our ideas, as we always strive to maximize the POTENTIAL of a property. Strategic thinking is the key to achieving long-term success.

Our expert consultancy focuses on the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. We operate throughout the Hamburg area and in the top 20 cities nationwide. Which asset classes are exciting for us and our investor groups? Residential complexes and mixed-use properties, student housing, co-living spaces, retail properties, hotels, boarding houses, medical centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, office and logistics properties, as well as land plots of all kinds.

Get to know us and work with us successfully. We are also open to being inspired by you and your ideas. For initial contact, you can use our contact form or send us an email to . You can also reach us by phone at: ☎ 040/ 572 582 50.

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