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Our company specializes in commercial real estate sales. Our real estate consultant team can manage all aspects for you until the active selling process of your commercial property. 

"Why should you sell your property through us? Sell your property with us at eye level!"

We specialize in connecting commercial property owners and buyer groups with the perfect commercial properties. Our team of real estate professionals has extensive market knowledge and can meet your needs with sound advice.

Take advantage of our local market presence. At KI - Kreth real estate, we specialize in COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SALES, making it easy for you to sell.

• Our service is multi-faceted for you:

• Market analysis and market-oriented economic figures
• Discreet project presentation of your property to our clients
• Trustworthy cooperation with you and our buyer groups
• Dynamic thinking in the sales process
• Reliability in the process
• Which asset class would you like to SELL with us? Asset deal, share deal, joint venture or forward deal?

Which asset class would you like to sell discreetly and professionally with us as an asset deal, share deal, joint venture or forward deal?

Selling residential complex 

Selling residential and commercial buildings 

Selling residential complex 

Sell ​​multi-family house 

Sell ​​student housing 

Selling construction project 

Sell ​​new project 

Selling office buildings 

Sell ​​a logistics property 

Sell ​​retail Selling supermarket 

Sell ​​specialist market 

Selling nursing home 

Sell ​​assisted living 

Selling medical center 

Sell ​​hotel Selling boardhouse 

Sell ​​service housing 

Sell ​​building plot 

Sell ​​commercial property

We at KI - Kreth real estate specialize in the real estate sector selling commercial real estate, every property has its own character and we have the necessary ideas to convey this in line with the market.

Get to know us and work with us successfully. We are also happy to be inspired by you. For the first contact, you have the option of simply and discreetly using our contact form or sending us an email directly to

We will contact you shortly and look forward to successful business with you. 

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