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Our customers have trusted us since 2015. 

Customers who move and change the real estate market. Customers who create new perspectives and also a new home for people with character. Customers who are planning to restructure or redesign investment properties in the long term or provide them with the necessary know-how.

Customers who change our cityscape, customers who are brave enough to spend money to develop projects with a future. Customers like you and me, working to make something new happen and create with ideas.

These are exactly our customers with whom we work trustingly every day and for weeks on new projects. With whom we exchange ideas, plan and think strategically to create a new real estate miracle.

"Eine Investmentanlage mit Zukunft! Kapital das in Beton investiert wird, damit es langfristig eine gute Rendite bildet! Zukunftsorientiert DENKEN und handeln, genau das macht unsere Kunden so einzigartig und besonders. Es sind MACHER mit Herz und Verstand die sich etwas trauen zu bewegen."

To ensure that you receive the best possible service from us, we work closely and trustingly with the buyer and seller group.

We at KI - Krethreal estate not only treat YOUR property uniquely, but also you as a customer. Behind a property with a strong character there is always a strong seller with a great vision.

We work discreetly and with confidential documents, NDA. That's why we only work with a pre-tested and targeted group of buyers. Creditworthy investment groups with a secured LOI. This is the only way we can achieve satisfactory added value and commercial market value for you and your property. Give us YOUR trust and work successfully with us. We love strategic challenges.

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"Let us advise you extensively on the sale of commercial real estate and sell your commercial real estate with us on an equal footing." We have a trained eye for a lucrative real estate market.

We at KI - Kreth real estate are extensively specialized in the real estate sector, commercial real estate, each property has its own character and we have the necessary ideas to convey this to one of our creditworthy groups of buyers in line with the market. We work together with various groups of buyers in a spirit of trust throughout Germany. Groups of buyers who value being well advised by us. Work successfully with us as a seller of an exciting commercial property in the future. We look forward to you contacting us for a nice conversation.

Business customers / corporate 

Customers Only good advice ultimately leads to profitable SUCCESS!

Your time is just as important to us as ours because time is money - and long-term investments need to be made with perspective, especially in today's economic climate. Trust us and our ideas, we always try to get the BEST out of a property. Because only strategic ways of thinking lead to long-term success!

Our expert advice applies to the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. We work for you in the entire hamburg area and in the top 20 cities throughout germany. Which asset classes are exciting for us and our investor groups? Reside. Residential complexes and residential and commercial buildings, student housing, co-living, retail properties, hotels, boarding houses, medical centers, nursing homes and assisted living, office and logistics properties and building plots of all kinds.

Get to know us and work successfully with us. We are also happy to be inspired by you and your ideas. For the initial contact, you have the option of using our contact form or sending us an email to 

And for a personal conversation you can also reach us at: ☎ +49 ( 0 ) 40/ 572 582 50. 

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