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An investment for every age group!

Nursing,health and rehabilitation.

Invest your capital in your future.

Investments as care real estate. With health real estate over a term of 20 years you can secure a growing yield of 4.5% - 5%. The operator manages your property, which is rented for you all year round. You receive government grants and benefit greatly from all the benefits. How lucrative an investment with health real estate can be, please refer to our example calculation below.


Purchase offers

Apartments as health properties

Care Real Estate apartments

Ensure a 20-year 4.5% - 5% return

operator management

After 20 years you will receive about 690.- € uro per month

You do not have to worry about anything

KFW promotion + government grants

Your initial investment with only 20% equity

Apartment sizes from 53 m²

purchase prices

from 144.000.- € uro - 247.000.- € uro

plus 6% commission + 19% VAT

For open questions we are at your disposal.

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* KI - Kreth real estate has the written mediation order from the owner.


Investment real estate for private customers.

 Offer Example

◘ And this is how the investment works as a health property.

Rake example:

Case Study - New Care Property:

Invest in your future to achieve a good return over the long term!

Let your money work for you and invest in a nursing home!

Case study:

Object new condominium or house as nursing home.

You need 20% equity for financing.

Example calculation:

135,876, - € UR purchase price of the care property

7,473, - €UR land transfer tax approx.

2.310, - €UR notary and land register costs


145.650, - €UR Total acquisition costs


29,132, - €UR equity 20%

  2.912, - €UR interest charge (average from Kfw Förd. And Bank approx. 2.5%)

  3.921, - €UR saving rate / repayment 3.4% p.a.

     370, - €UR administration and maintenance

total cost

6.794, - €UR rental income

    104, - €UR tax credit

6,898, - €UR total revenue


   305, - €UR Your effort in the year

◘ Duration:

Your invested assets of approx. 30,000 .- € uro (20% equity)

Grows over a term of 25 years to about 136,000 .- €uro.

+ Thus you secure a rock solid supplementary pension of approx. 8300 .- €uro annually.

After 25 years, this makes a monthly additional pension of 691.- €uro for you.

Would you say no to a second pension of 691 .- €uro monthly? NO!

Get an offer today for the purchase of your new investment as a new nursing home! We have just the right investment for you.

For open questions we are at your disposal!

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We find exactly the right investment for you!