We are looking for YOUR rental property


We are looking for YOUR rental properties in Hamburg!

For our customers we are constantly looking for a new, beautiful HOME ....

Which types of customers are we looking for a new home for?

◘ Singles ◘ Couples ◘ Families ◘

Which apartments are we looking for?

◘ Flats ◘ Apartments ◘ Duplex apartments ◘ Penthouse apartments ◘

In which parts of the city do we search for rental apartments for our customers?

◘ Throughout Hamburg, in all 107 districts.

For which clientele do we search for apartments?

◘ Potential prospective tenants who are in permanent employment.

◘ prospective tenants with excellent credit ratings.

◘ Interested parties who value a comfortable living quality and are looking for a new, affordable home in Hamburg.


What can we do for you that YOUR property is successfully let?

◘ We take care of the professional marketing of YOUR property.

◘ We rent YOUR property to a market adjusted rent index.

◘ We deliver a creditworthy and reputable prospective tenant.

◘ We take care of all the preparations for you: carry out surveys, take over the credit check from the prospective tenant and present you only after completion of all preliminary tests, a potential prospective tenant for your property, with which you will be satisfied.


We are happy to assist you to re-let your property successfully. The agency fee of two months' cold rent is paid by the future tenant, who acts as our client. We work for you as owner completely free of charge.

Best regards YOUR KI - Kreth real estate team.

Contact mail: Investment@Kreth-Immobilien.de 

We rent your property